Discovering the Thylacine

Light and Microscopes Did you know that Museum Victoria is not just a place for 'old stuff'? Well, yes you probably did because our museums here in Victoria are interactive, they inspire us to learn about the world around us by engaging our senses, ergo are awesome. But did you also know that behind the... Continue Reading →

Start your night with the Laser Maze

Hey kids! It's time to try and get through the Laser Maze presented by the University of Melbourne's Optics Group. Only the most agile will survive! You have probably played with online laser puzzle games or with a laser pen in a classroom. But do you know how a laser works and what makes this... Continue Reading →

Gravitational waves

Have you heard about gravitational waves? They were the latest recipient of the Physics Nobel Prize. So they are something pretty special. So special, we decided to put not just one, but THREE Gravitational Wave scientists together and let them tell you about this newest of sciences. Simply put, gravitational waves are ripples in the... Continue Reading →

Awaken your inner Physicist!!

Light trapped in a stream of water, The Barbers Pole, Moire patterns and many more visual delights that will astound you. The amazing tech behind the latest telescopic innovations. Does this sound like something you might be interested in? Well you should be! Come and visit us in the Pumping Station where we will have... Continue Reading →

Student-built Nanosatellites Are On the Way!

Space is just fascinating, it really opens up the imagination. One of the emerging areas in technology is launching artificial satellites into space. However, launching satellites is not exclusively done by experienced scientists and engineers. At Melbourne Space Program (MSP), innovative and passionate students are also key to building and launching satellites! Initially formed by a group... Continue Reading →

The Universe In Our Eyes

Hi there! I am Lixing Xu, a member of the Social Media Team for Astrolight Festival 2018. As a Master of Science student in Optometry and Vision Science in the University of Melbourne, my current research project is about analysing the light sensitivity data of visual field (i.e. side vision) as well as investigating the agreements... Continue Reading →

See another planet with your own eyes!

There’s nothing quite like the beauty we see when we look up at the night sky. And what better to do at this year’s AstroLight Festival than to take a look through the many telescopes on the wonderful night! Providing this delightful opportunity is the Telescopes in Schools program, an initiative by the Astrophysics Group... Continue Reading →

Vision for the future!

Light is an extremely valuable resource – at a basic level, it gives us vision; beyond that, light has been one of our most important tools for research and discovery. Hi! I’m Jonathan, one of the students on the Social Media Team for the AstroLight Festival this year. I’m currently a Masters student at The... Continue Reading →

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