Cosmic Foodies: The wait is over!

The Astrolight Festival at Scienceworks this year is featuring astronomers, scientists, stargazers and artists to present a night starring astronomy and light. Come join us for a special evening of talks and performances for all ages, interactive activities, Planetarium and Lightning Room shows and much more. This year we're rocketing into space with speakers talking about... Continue Reading →

Launch into space!

Have you noticed the number of student led organisations that are at AstroLight this year? It is so great to see high school and university students not only being involved in space science but driving it too. Come along to AstroLight and you will be meeting the future leaders of the Australian Space Industry. RMIT... Continue Reading →

Launching in 10, 9, …

Today is the day! Clear skies: CHECK Loads of Science: CHECK 3 VR Zones: CHECK International Space Station Flight Controller, Andrea Boyd: CHECK Food for all tastes: CHECK Shows, talks and discussions for everyone: CHECK Astronomy and Light super scientists: CHECK A field of telescopes: CHECK Loads of stuff to do, play and make: CHECK... Continue Reading →

Discovering the Thylacine

Light and Microscopes Did you know that Museum Victoria is not just a place for 'old stuff'? Well, yes you probably did because our museums here in Victoria are interactive, they inspire us to learn about the world around us by engaging our senses, ergo are awesome. But did you also know that behind the... Continue Reading →

Why do stars twinkle?

"Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are!" The famous rhyme "The Star", was written by Jane Taylor first published in 1806. It is probably safe to say that every child is familiar with this poem. We as scientists have to ask, why do stars twinkle?  When we look up at the sky, we... Continue Reading →

Ballarat Municipal Observatory & Museum

Come and explore different types of telescopes, how they work and discover the amazing universe with the Ballarat Municipal Observatory and Museum. The Observatory is celebrating its 132nd Anniversary this year. Find out about what you observe in different wavelengths using different technologies in the dark night sky. Each different wavelength will tell you a... Continue Reading →

Fluorescent Implants

3D printing for the future? Imagine a world where we can use light to see a medical implant inside the body. Whilst the technology is not quite there yet, Dr Kate Fox from the Centre of Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) will talk about where we are at in implant engineering, how 3D printing is changing the... Continue Reading →

The beauty of AstroLight!

So we’ve heard about a lot of fascinating astronomy and light science that will be at the festival, but let’s not forget just how beautiful these phenomena can be! From massive supernovae to distant galaxies to our own wonderful Earth, each one paints a picture of absolute wonder in our minds. Space-related wallpapers are popular... Continue Reading →

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