Wrap up for AstroLight 2018

What a night it was! A fun-loving celebration of all things light and astronomical.  Sit back and reminisce (or discover!) as we run down Melbourne’s night of celestial festivities.  AstroLight Festival 2018 was held on September 8 at Scienceworks museum here in Spotswood.  Featuring astronomers, scientists and artists all contributing to an amazing experience for... Continue Reading →

Start your night with the Laser Maze

Hey kids! It's time to try and get through the Laser Maze presented by the University of Melbourne's Optics Group. Only the most agile will survive! You have probably played with online laser puzzle games or with a laser pen in a classroom. But do you know how a laser works and what makes this... Continue Reading →

Ballarat Municipal Observatory & Museum

Come and explore different types of telescopes, how they work and discover the amazing universe with the Ballarat Municipal Observatory and Museum. The Observatory is celebrating its 132nd Anniversary this year. Find out about what you observe in different wavelengths using different technologies in the dark night sky. Each different wavelength will tell you a... Continue Reading →

Awaken your inner Physicist!!

Light trapped in a stream of water, The Barbers Pole, Moire patterns and many more visual delights that will astound you. The amazing tech behind the latest telescopic innovations. Does this sound like something you might be interested in? Well you should be! Come and visit us in the Pumping Station where we will have... Continue Reading →

MoCA team finds first baby planet

Come on down to AstroLight and chat to the team that discovered the first baby planet! The Monash Centre for Astrophysics sighted the new planet forming in data from the ALMA telescope in Chile. The image models a baby planet forming in disc of gas and dust. The discoverer of this baby planet, or protoplanet,... Continue Reading →

Lights on – in the nanoworld!

Have you ever wondered about what happens in your body at the tiniest of scales? Are all the ideas about stars and galaxies making you feel small? Do you think anything with ‘nano-’ in front of it sounds cool? (It sure does to me!) Introducing: The Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics, or CNBP for short. The... Continue Reading →

Tickets on Sale NOW

With just a month to go until we open the doors to Scienceworks at night and welcome you all to a night of fabulous talks, displays and interactive activities, things are getting very busy down at AstroLight headquarters. Many of your old favourites will be back and lots of new activities as well. The Melbourne... Continue Reading →

The Wrap Up for AstroLight17

The AstroLight Festival for 2017 has been another big success, bringing together scientists, stargazers and artists for a celebration of all things astronomy and light! If you weren’t able to come on the night, or want to relive all the action, here is our final wrap up. To start off with, here’s a brief snapshot... Continue Reading →

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