Discovering the Thylacine

Light and Microscopes Did you know that Museum Victoria is not just a place for 'old stuff'? Well, yes you probably did because our museums here in Victoria are interactive, they inspire us to learn about the world around us by engaging our senses, ergo are awesome. But did you also know that behind the... Continue Reading →

Ballarat Municipal Observatory & Museum

Come and explore different types of telescopes, how they work and discover the amazing universe with the Ballarat Municipal Observatory and Museum. The Observatory is celebrating its 132nd Anniversary this year. Find out about what you observe in different wavelengths using different technologies in the dark night sky. Each different wavelength will tell you a... Continue Reading →

Fluorescent Implants

3D printing for the future? Imagine a world where we can use light to see a medical implant inside the body. Whilst the technology is not quite there yet, Dr Kate Fox from the Centre of Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) will talk about where we are at in implant engineering, how 3D printing is changing the... Continue Reading →

Unveiling the imperceptible worlds

A lot of amazing things happen beyond our perception. For example, we can see ripples in a pond, but not ripples (gravitational waves) from the Universe. A rainbow is beautiful and is comprised of the colours of visible (or optical) light, but invisible light such as ultraviolet (UV) may also be there, we as humans,... Continue Reading →

Lightning on demand

Lightning cannot strike the same place twice, but..! It is an old myth, that lightning cannot strike the same place more than once. But according to scientists, it can. It may take as little as ten minutes only or a million years to hit the same place, but it can happen. Eye-catching look The light... Continue Reading →

Revealing stars with light: Fun with PrimeSCI!

"Astronomy is useful...because it shows how small our bodies, how large our minds." Henri Poincare Astronomy is always a favourite science with everyone! From the monthly phases of the moon to distant planets seen through a telescope, astronomical objects never cease to inspire us. Light interacts with our environment and this is how we obtain... Continue Reading →

Vision for the future!

Light is an extremely valuable resource – at a basic level, it gives us vision; beyond that, light has been one of our most important tools for research and discovery. Hi! I’m Jonathan, one of the students on the Social Media Team for the AstroLight Festival this year. I’m currently a Masters student at The... Continue Reading →

Spinal cord regeneration filmed in fish

Celia Vandestadt will give us a tell-all talk on body regeneration at AstroLight festival. The zebrafish can repair its own heart, even as an adult.  Now, it has been filmed healing a break in its spinal cord.  Celia's work at Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI for short) focuses on how to unlock the secrets of... Continue Reading →

Lights on – in the nanoworld!

Have you ever wondered about what happens in your body at the tiniest of scales? Are all the ideas about stars and galaxies making you feel small? Do you think anything with ‘nano-’ in front of it sounds cool? (It sure does to me!) Introducing: The Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics, or CNBP for short. The... Continue Reading →

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