Awaken your inner Physicist!!

Light trapped in a stream of water, The Barbers Pole, Moire patterns and many more visual delights that will astound you. The amazing tech behind the latest telescopic innovations. Does this sound like something you might be interested in? Well you should be! Come and visit us in the Pumping Station where we will have... Continue Reading →

See another planet with your own eyes!

There’s nothing quite like the beauty we see when we look up at the night sky. And what better to do at this year’s AstroLight Festival than to take a look through the many telescopes on the wonderful night! Providing this delightful opportunity is the Telescopes in Schools program, an initiative by the Astrophysics Group... Continue Reading →

2016 Walter Boas Medalist

We are very excited to announce our first interstate special guest speaker on the main stage at AstroLight. Every year the Australian Institute of Physics(AIP) awards the Walter Boas medal to a prominent Australian Physicist for outstanding research in Physics. The award started in 1984 and celebrates the contributions of Walter Boas' research in Australia... Continue Reading →

The Wrap Up

The AstroLight Festival has come and gone, so for those who missed it, for those wanting to relive it or for those who want to know what else happened on the night, here is the final wrap up! WARNING: Lots of amazing photos taken by Stewie Donn, source: Scienceworks. Lots of thank you's and much... Continue Reading →

It’s tomorrow!!

We have written about so many things that will be at AstroLight, I thought I would do a quick run-through of the venues and give an over-view of the event. Of course, also head to the Program page for more details and schedule! Amphitheatre After the official welcome, shows from Sean Elliott and Chris Lassig,... Continue Reading →

Weather Update

The big day is tomorrow and one of our biggest draw-cards is weather dependant. Today Victoria is likely to get the entire month's rainfall in one day, so the pitch tomorrow is likely to be a little soggy. Good news is (if you read the right weather app and take a positive attitude) only half... Continue Reading →

Real Astronomy

Have you ever wanted to take your astronomy to the next level, or maybe getting a telescope is just not practical? Think you might be too young to do real science and astronomy? (or too old?) Well think again with resources like Our Solar Siblings and, you can access research telescopes across the world... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Cosmology

Ever had trouble understanding how the Universe came to be? Ever found it hard to visualise how the Universe went from the Big Bang to what we see today? Don't feel bad, you are not alone, you need a degree in Astrophysics and then some to understand the intricacies behind Cosmology. OR you can come... Continue Reading →

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