Ballarat Municipal Observatory & Museum

Come and explore different types of telescopes, how they work and discover the amazing universe with the Ballarat Municipal Observatory and Museum. The Observatory is celebrating its 132nd Anniversary this year. Find out about what you observe in different wavelengths using different technologies in the dark night sky. Each different wavelength will tell you a... Continue Reading →

Cleared to go!

The festival has been cleared for optimal astronomy viewing on Saturday night! The forecast is looking great - cool evening, few clouds and lots of astronomical objects to look at. More than 20 telescopes from Mount Burnett Observatory, Telescopes in Schools, Monash Centre for Astrophysics and the Museum Victoria volunteers will be out on the... Continue Reading →

Australia’s First Astronomers

Krystal de Napoli will be taking to the stage in the Energy Lab to talk about Australia's First Astronomers. A research student in astronomy at Monash University and Kamilaroi woman, Krystal will describe the ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people encoded vast wealth of astronomical knowledge into their oral traditions. She will recount a... Continue Reading →

What if Astronomy and Bioinformatics collide..?

Remember those days, when we looked through a telescope to look at the stars, the planets and comets. Nowadays, an astronomer is more likely observing everything online. They will use remote telescopes to observe and analyse the results from different locations and different types of telescopes, like Radio and X-ray. The day by day discoveries... Continue Reading →

So much Astronomy

We are getting very excited about AstroLight on the 8th September, we have been working hard to put an amazing program together for you, tickets are about to be released and the Night Sky has been putting on quite a show for us here in Melbourne, just to get us into an Astronomy mood. Mars... Continue Reading →

Does Light influence Human Health?

If you’ve ever used your phone at night, walked home under street lights, or even had a bedroom lamp on after dark, you might be disrupting your body’s natural rhythms. Humans evolved with bright light during the day and darkness at night, and our bodies have adapted to work best with this cycle. We have... Continue Reading →

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