The Wrap Up

The AstroLight Festival has come and gone, so for those who missed it, for those wanting to relive it or for those who want to know what else happened on the night, here is the final wrap up! WARNING: Lots of amazing photos taken by Stewie Donn, source: Scienceworks. Lots of thank you’s and much … Continue reading The Wrap Up

David Malin

David Malin is best known as the father of Colour Astrophotography. Using his knowledge of processing photography images during his time at Kodak in the UK, he came to Australia to work at the Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO) and developed a method to colourise (with real colour) the images taken through a telescope. The images are taken in … Continue reading David Malin

Upulie Divisekera

With so many amazing people on the bill Saturday Night in the CAASTRO Amphitheatre, it was paramount we have an equally incredible host to take you through the events of the evening. So, we are very pleased to to have molecular biologist, science communicator, coordinator of @realscientists and all-round lover of science from Monash University, … Continue reading Upulie Divisekera

Food Glorious Food

This post is guaranteed to make your taste buds tingle, your mouth salivate and your belly rumble. OK, so it is about lunchtime while I am writing this, apologies if my over-active stomach gets a little enthusiastic for this post! We have discussed talks, activities, shows, telescopes, Star Wars characters, NASA Astronauts and so much … Continue reading Food Glorious Food