Launch into space!

Have you noticed the number of student led organisations that are at AstroLight this year? It is so great to see high school and university students not only being involved in space science but driving it too. Come along to AstroLight and you will be meeting the future leaders of the Australian Space Industry.

RMIT Space Technology Association (RSTA) is another of these student led groups doing amazing work.


RSTA is a student-run organisation, working closely with industry and expanding into emerging space technologies we are actively contributing to RMIT University’s space science presence and providing research opportunities. Through our on-going program of research and development we are providing real opportunities for students to become actively involved in space technology related programs, providing experience through team collaboration and developing networks between students, academics, and industry. Additionally, we are promoting space science from the high school level through education and inspiring the next generation of engineers.

Tonight they will be setting up yet another VR Station just outside the STEM Learning Lab near Sportsworks. Come along, suit up and try your hand (and mind) on the latest of interactive tech.


You can also have a go at the Kerbal Space Program. Who said rocket science wasn’t fun! Kerbal Space Program puts you in charge of the recently launched space program for a fun & clever alien race – the Kerbals. See if yo can build a spaceship and launch it into space!

Don’t forget to chat to the RSTA crew about their studies, their outreach program Hydro2Orbit and where they see the future of space travel going.

Rocket launch with RSTA

You can follow RSTA on Facebook and YouTube, RMIT on Twitter @RMIT and the Kerbal Space Program on Twitter @KerbalSpaceP for all the latest information.

See the official Scienceworks What’s On page and Facebook event page for further details and ticket sales.

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