Discovering the Thylacine

Light and Microscopes

Did you know that Museum Victoria is not just a place for ‘old stuff’? Well, yes you probably did because our museums here in Victoria are interactive, they inspire us to learn about the world around us by engaging our senses, ergo are awesome. But did you also know that behind the scenes, the museums also do research on their exhibits? Having access to historically important objects provides museum researchers with an amazing opportunity to look at the past and review our present understandings. Christy Hipsley is one such museum researcher as well as an academic at the University of Melbourne.

Christy Hipsley
Dr Christy Hipsley with the Museum Victoria’s Tasmanian Tiger specimens. Image credit: Museums Victoria

Christy will be heading to the stage in the Energy Lab on the Lower Ground Floor to talk about how we use light in scientific research. She currently looks at using new technology to investigate old materials.  For example Thylacine remains are rare and so scientists are not able to take samples for DNA analysis or cut them up to see the skeletons. Using X-ray CT scans allows them to interact with those materials in new ways (and get amazing 3D images of thylacine skeletons!)

Internal structure of a Thylacine joey. Image credit: Museums Victoria

Christy was also involved in the new Scienceworks exhibit, Beyond Perception, and you can see her quotes on the wall and the images of the Thylacine skeletons.


Join us to hear Christy’s talk in the Energy Lab on the Lower Ground Floor at 9PM on Saturday and make sure you head up to the Beyond Perception exhibit on the First Floor to see some of her work in action. I am super excited about this one!

You can follow Christy’s work on her blog.

See the official Scienceworks What’s On page and Facebook event page for further details and ticket sales.

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