Neil Creek: Astrophotographer Extraordinaire

How do you take great photos of the night sky with only a camera and a tripod? Join Neil Creek at AstroLight as he talks about his work, how he takes astronomical photos, and how you can do the same without professional-grade equipment.

Easy Astrophotography_Page_25
Star Trail by Neil Creek

Neil Creek is a professional photographer with an interest in a variety of subject matter, ranging from portraits, cosplay, and real estate all the way to nature, panorama, and of course astrophotography. His work focuses on capturing the beauty and emotion that he sees in the subject matter, which certainly comes through in his extensive portfolios! You can see some of his work below, check out the links, or come along on the night of the festival!

Source: Neil Creek’s twitter. Taken in the West Macdonell Ranges, near Alice Springs.

The above image uses what’s called a “little world” projection of a 360 degree panorama shot. The technique wraps a full 360 photograph around on itself, showing the Milky Way in its entirety — an image that would otherwise be impossible to see all at once.

Source: Neil Creek’s website.

The above image is “Messier 42”, otherwise known as the Orion Nebula, which sits just South of Orion’s Belt. The nebula is a giant cloud of dust and gas, with lots of young bright stars. The hot gas is what shines with the deep pink and red colours.

Easy Astrophotography_Page_01

Neil will give a special introductory talk on the Science Stage at 10:15pm. Come along to hear just how he captures such great images, and how you can do something almost as good in your own backyard. Neil’s talk will be for adult audiences and you are welcome to bring your camera to play with all the settings.

For more information about Neil Creek see his website, Facebook, Instagram (@neilcreek) or Twitter (@neilcreek). Be aware that his work outside of astronomy includes some shots of lingerie and nudity. The astrophotography folio here is definitely safe for looking through!

See the official Scienceworks What’s On page and Facebook events page for further details and ticket sales. Tickets are limited, so get in quick!

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