It’s tomorrow!!

2 thoughts on “It’s tomorrow!!”

  1. Thankyou for your good blogging, over the last few weeks. Your words have warmed us to events, and assisted our understanding of matters and festival, and this will maximize Our experience, plus assist in our organization (what to see) to experience and learn as much as possible. We like science, – you have assisted science, and the direction that we read , to mirror some of the festival activities i.e. learnt about the topics. Your blog was well-written, organized, interesting , motivational , structured , promotional , trustworthy, clear, committed, encouraging, informative, entertaining, comprehensive, user-friendly, and guiding, and i’m sure this blog represented your guests/speakers/volunteers/staff well, as well as assisting public (ie Me/public). The blog was good work. You and words, are saluted, and all the best to You, to enjoy yourself, at the festival, and seeing your work culminated in a good experience for people and the organisation/structure. Your team at Scienceworks must be proud of you and the blog, because it has already made readers appreciate the Astro-Light festival – the work involved of staff, and the passion for creating the experience, that will only add to the science of light, and better people (informed, and joyous). Enjoy your work i.e. Much kudos! Thankyou


    1. Thanks for those lovely words and it is very nice to know that our passion for science and bringing it to the public is appreciated and recognised. We are very excited for tomorrows event and look forward to sharing the amazing talent we have right here in Melbourne.
      Thanks for reading,
      AstroLight Team


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